Tour of the Emirates is a charity bike ride to raise money and awareness for Cancer Charity Big C and SOS Children.  Ollie Blackmore and Jason Roberts will be spending 4 gruelling days in the saddle as they ride through all seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

The ride starts in Abu Dhabi at the Bluehaus offices on 27th Feb 2013 and ends 4 days later at their Dubai offices.

Each day brings new challenges, both riders have trained for months to prepare them for the ride.  This site details each day’s route and challenges.  We take on temperatures in the mid 30’s Celsius with a blazing hot sun.  We ride through arid deserts with difficult headwinds which can generate sandstorms at any time.  We ride through mountains and coastal roads, often dangerous with busy traffic and rubble blocking the road.

Every penny raised goes straight to our designated charities.  More details about The Big C and SOS Children can be found on the Charities page, please donate as much as as you can.

The ride wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic support of everyone involved, a huge thanks to Bluehaus Group for making it happen!

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four